Playwaze Analytics

Playwaze Analytics will bring to life and simplify the participation and engagement data generated by partners, providers, and participants on Playwaze

An evolutionary addition to the Playwaze product portfolio

Playwaze Analytics represents the next stage of the evolution of Playwaze, expanding the product portfolio to be made up of:

Websites – Platform(s) – App(s) – Analytics

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Dashboard for participation insight

Playwaze Analytics will be a dashboard for participation insight that simplifies critical data all in one place.

Playwaze Analytics will be deeply integrated with Playwaze platforms and apps. It will give insight and reporting access to the data that is generated by partners and providers using Playwaze solutions.

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Bringing accurate participation data to life

At its core, Playwaze Analytics will bring to life the participation, results, achievements, and performance of people and teams on Playwaze.

It will allow partners and providers to break down participation, result, achievement, and performance metrics for people and teams by the data we know about them – demographic, location, and more.

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