Embeddable & Hosted Finders

Our customisable finders make it easy to find and then book, enter, join, or pay for activities, facilities, events, competitions, challenges, clubs, and providers.

Embeddable or Hosted.

What’s the difference between the two?

Embeddable – Our embeddable finder is a widget that can be embedded onto your existing website. It fills the space it is given on the website(s) of your choosing, is fully mobile responsive, and can be custom branded with a hero image and primary colour.

Hosted – Our hosted finder is a standalone, fully branded digital search integrated with either Playwaze or open data aggregated by our partners, IMIN. We design, build, host, maintain, and evolve your hosted solution with you, and you have greater control over the evolution of the website and solution.

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Not just activity finders…

The finders we power allow your participants to search for much more than just activities, if you want them to be able to.

We have finders available for activities, facilities, events, competitions, challenges, clubs and providers, and we’re always adding more.

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Flexible default searches and filters

Our unique finder builder technology allows us to setup a variety of default searches, each of which can have its own search criteria and customisable filters, allowing every finder to be totally unique to you and your needs.

In light of the pandemic, we are also able to provide both in-person activity finders, as well as live stream and on demand activity finders, creating a Netflix-style home for participants to search for and find ways to get active.

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List and map views

As long as it’s not virtual, otherwise we don’t know where to drop the pin!

Both our embeddable and hosted solutions benefit from list and map view of results, making it easy for users to find what they’re looking for or what’s near them.

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