Club Management

Everything your club needs neatly packed into one simple-to-use online toolkit, easily integrated with your website and with a mobile app for your members.

Manage your memberships and sessions, embed on your website

No need to keep information up-to-date in two places. Manage everything on Playwaze, and simply embed your live activities, sessions, and memberships on your existing website.

No coding required, it’s as simple as copy and paste!

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Communicate with your members

Use your free news feed to share club news, information, and updates directly with your members. Notifications of new posts are sent my email (optional) and app notifications, meaning your members receive them instantly without cluttering up their inboxes.

Segment your club members by age, team, membership type, and more and target posts to the right Groups.

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Move your club’s competitions off the noticeboard and onto Playwaze

Take your club tournaments, leagues, and ladders online with the complete set of Playwaze competitions features.

Members can enter scores instantly via the app, and all members can watch your competitions unfold via their phones – no more travelling down to the club to see recent results and see who your next match is against.

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Easier to organise and more engaging to play your sport

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