Report on your bookings and attendances, fixtures, teams, and team sheets, challenges, members and memberships, or build your own custom reports.
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Free, out-the-box reporting on your sport and activity

A suite of free and out-the-box reports available on your bookings and tracked attendance, teams, fixtures and team sheets, challenge attempts and members, all of which can be exported to csv for interrogation.

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Report breakdowns provide a quick and easy view

Bookings and tracked attendance reports are automatically broken down by activity and date, so you can get a quick and easy view of engagement levels. Export to csv function allows you to breaksown and analyse further.

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Build your own reports using custom rules, for anytime access

As well as the default reports provided, you can build an unlimited number of additional reports for free using custom rules. Want to quickly and easily see your membership breakdowns? Simpy create custom rules showing each of your memberships, and generate a report anytime, instantly.

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Steps to get setup

Register as a sports organisation or provider
Add what you offer - activities, competitions, challenges, and more
Share with your audience, and watch everyone flock in!

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