Manage your memberships online, securely and cashfree. Monthly, annual, and pro-rata memberships for individuals and clubs.
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Your free membership management tool

That’s right – free! Our memberships feature is free to use for your individual monthly or annual memberships and subscriptions, with a simple transaction fee of 3.4%+30p.

Get your memberships online for free now ➜

Your memberships alongside your sport and activity opportunities

Add your memberships and subscriptions so they are ready to be purchased online, in the app, and via your website. Secure online payment processing using Stripe, along with recurring and pro-rata membership options. Prevent participants taking part without a qualifying membership using our eligibility criteria.

Save time managing your members today ➜

Segment and communicate with your members effortlessly

By selling your memberships online, you can easily segment your members based on their memberships and subscriptions and send targeted communications via your News Feed.

Get you and your members online together ➜

Steps to get setup

Register as a sports organisation or provider
Add what you offer - activities, competitions, challenges, and more
Share with your audience, and watch everyone flock in!

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