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...supported by our digital partner, Playwaze!

What is Playwaze?

Playwaze is your complete toolkit for organising sport and activity online

Everything you need to make organising your sport and activity easier online and making it easy for your existing and new participants to find you, get involved, and get active

Publish your activities on the Active Westminster website

Playwaze powers the activity finder on the Active Westminster website. You can promote your activities on the activity finder simply by managing them on Playwaze​ and ticking a box to publish them.

Get even more free marketing

By managing your activities on Playwaze and ticking a box to publish them, Playwaze will promote your activities on local and national websites, apps and activity finders that attract people looking to find you and get involved.

Engage your participants and members via an app

Whether you run activities and take registrations and bookings, manage and take entries competitions, host challenges, process memberships, you can engage your audience via an app on their phone.

Playwaze is free to register for as a provider

Each feature comes with a free level of access for you to get started – for example, see our Activities feature pricing below

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One Activity

Take registrations and bookings for one repeating activity, session, class, or camp


Per Community | VAT Included

Unlimited Activities



Per Community | VAT Included

Playwaze is starting free for all clubs

Playwaze are offering the new web portal and mobile app free for the month of October to all Active Westminster clubs.


Free and unlimited use of these features:
  • Memberships
  • Payments
  • Reporting
  • Teams
  • News


With one of each ot these features:
  • One repeating activity
  • One challenge
  • One tournament
  • One league
  • One ladder
  • One leaderboard
  • One reward
  • One course
  • One volunteering opportunity

The Unlimited Offer

Clubs have the option to subscribe to the features they want to have unlimited access to. As an example, if clubs need to run more than one repeating session for track and trace, they can upgrade to the Activities package for just £15 a month, with an annual discount available.


For track and trace at your sessions

Organise unlimited in-person, live-streamed and on-demand activities. Take registrations, manage capacity, track attendance, and communicate with participants.

£ 15

Steps to get setup

Register as a provider on Playwaze

Add your activities and tick the box for free promotion

Watch all your new participants flock in

Discount code: ACTWEST20OFF

Frequently asked questions

Playwaze are a digital platform for managing and participating in sport and physical activity online and in an app.

The Playwaze web portal and mobile app will always be completely free to use to organise one repeating session, tournament, league, ladder, leaderboard, reward, course and qualification. Clubs then have the choice to subscribe to features if they want to run unlimited activities within each of these. This will cost £15 a month, or £150 a year, per feature.

You’ll need to create your own Playwaze account and register your club as a community before you start adding your activities and sessions on the new web portal. Remember to click the box for free promotion – once this has been done, we’ll be able to start promoting them to local people wanting to get involved in your sport.

Yes. Your club will need to use the Membership feature on the platform in order to control participant eligibility in sessions.

Absolutely. Clubs can make use of the Payments feature to set up fees for sessions, memberships, competition entry etc.

The Playwaze app is available on the App Store and Google Play.