What’s New – January

It’s the start of another new year and our development team has been working hard to improve the platform, so we’ve got plenty to update you on. Read about everything we’ve changed below.

Organise all your competitions in one with multi-competition create

Using the Events feature, you can now create multiple competitions in one swift process. For example, if you were running an athletics meet, you could create the sessions for the 100m, 200m, 400m and relay all in one create flow. You can do this as long as the events have similar characteristics.

We’ve made it easier to see your bookings in your calendar

You can now see an overview of all your upcoming bookings in your calendar, so you’ll never miss a session. Your calendar will also show any sessions for your linked accounts, meaning bookings for you and your children are all in one place.

Improved venues and locations features

We’ve improved the venues system so that it’s quicker for you to add the location of your sessions and easier for your participants to find it’s address. You can also now add useful URL links so that participants can find out more about the facilities available at each venue.

Your new Activities Dashboard

The Activities Dashboard provides you with a comprehensive overview of your activities and bookings. You can see all your activities as well as who has booked onto them, whether any cancellations have been made and if there are spaces available.

Unassigned and Interested Participants

Participants who are unassigned haven’t marked their attendance for your session. If you know that an unassigned participant is attending your session but they haven’t marked themselves as attending, you can manually do this for them. If you want, you can also choose to charge them for the session.

If your session is fully booked, people can join the list of interested participants by marking themselves as interested. If someone else then cancels their booking, the next person in the queue will be able to book – so you won’t be left with unfilled spaces in your session.

We have also made it so that participants cannot book two activities that are occurring at the same time, which should avoid any more accidental double bookings!

Some technical stuff…

Finally, a quick note on our servers! We’re using a new system – Azure hosting, which helps us to manage our traffic better, so you should see more consistent speed across our platform. Remember if you ever experience problems or outages, you can always check the status of our servers at: https://playwaze.statuspage.io/