Playwaze X Street Games: Digitising Sport for Young People in Disadvantaged Communities

How StreetGames are using the Playwaze platform to make ‘doorstep sport’ more accessible for young people in disadvantaged communities.

Street Games uses sport to create positive change in the lives of young people across the UK. By providing sport and activity in disadvantaged areas, they help to make young people and their communities healthier, safer and more successful. Playwaze – the leading digital grassroots sport platform – has been working with Street Games to digitise sport and increase participation amongst young people in these areas

The Problems:

  • Young people (and agencies that support them) don’t know where to go online to find local opportunities in their area.
  • There is a false idea that there is nothing for young people to do because the information about opportunities is hard to find.
  • Funding has been spent on ‘Local Area Mapping’ (what is this) in the past but it has failed because organisations could not see a clear benefit or incentive. There needs to be a buy-in for this to work.
  • LTOs (locally trusted organisations) still use pen and paper registrations – they then have to spend hours transferring this data to an online format.
  • Due to the pandemic, LTOs need to track and trace their participants and sometimes need to limit capacity. This is an issue when delivering ‘turn up and play’ sessions.

The Objectives:

  • Digitalise ‘doorstep sport’.
  • Solve the issues caused by old systems and pen-and-paper forms.
  • Help LTOs to be more open to new participants.
  • Allow LTOs to be more efficient with their time.

The Solution:

StreetGames are piloting a new digital system in partnership with Playwaze.

Playwaze is granting exclusive free access to StreetGames members in their London and South East network. The pilot is being trialled in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets and there are currently still spaces available for LTOs in these areas.

20 LTOs are being given full access to Playwaze’ premium features to help them take bookings, manage their activities and communicate with their participants. The platform also allows LTOs to take their registration process online, making it easy for people to sign up whilst also reducing admin caused by pen and paper sign-up forms.

Playwaze also uses the power of Open Data to make it even easier for young people and parents to find activities and sport. Just by checking a box, LTOs can promote their activities through online local activity finders as well as the StreetGames website.

LTOs are also able to gamify the experience of getting involved in their activities by implementing a reward points system. This incentivises young people by giving them points for attendance which can later be redeemed for rewards and prizes.

By engaging their audience digitally, the Playwaze platform will also help the LTOs streamline their engagement and capture data, leading to more efficient and effective analysis on participation rates.