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Badminton England pioneers OpenActive solution amongst NGBs

OpenActive share how Badminton England are making it easier for badminton players to find and book courts by pioneering an open data solution #PoweredByPlaywaze.

They spoke to Nick Rimmer, Head of Development at Badminton England, about how National Governing Bodies (NGBs) can increase the digital accessibility of their sport and help more people get active.

SHAPE Learning Partnership launch Playwaze to keep young people active

SHAPE Learning Partnership, the School Sports Partnership (SSP) in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire launch Playwaze to their schools, parents, and young people to get young people active. Parents are being urged to sign up to the free app where SHAPE hosts fun physical challenges aimed at all children aged 5 – 16 who go to school in Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire.

Worrying statistics recently released by Sport England, show that the majority of young people failed to meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily exercise in the 2019/20 academic year.  Almost a third of children (2.3 million) were classed as ‘inactive’ as a result of lockdown restrictions, not even doing 30 minutes per day.  Competitive sport has also been seriously affected, with all local grassroots community clubs forced to close their doors to 1000’s of children who attend weekly training sessions and activities.

SHAPE Manager, Paul Ryan said,

“We understand how difficult it has been for children to be physically active whilst not in school and we know how much they have missed their clubs and activities. The forced closure of our local sports teams, dance classes, karate studios and sports centres will have lasting damage on children’s health and participation rates if we do not address it now.” 

The new online platform gives parents and children free access to a wide variety of virtual challenges and competitions which can all be completed at home with little or no equipment.  The app aims to combat the alarming decline in children’s activity levels by giving them the opportunity to engage in fun physical challenges, either just for fun or by entering competitions against other children.  It contains a variety of competitive and non-competitive challenges for all ages, meaning there is something for everyone.  SHAPE will continue to add more challenges to engage the whole family beyond lockdown.

Getting set up on the app is really simple, with SHAPE creating a guide to take parents through the process step by step.  Once set up, parents and children can get started straight away in participating in, and uploading scores for a wide variety of challenges.

Local Primary Teacher, Emily McKinnon from Hasland Junior School, said,

“The app is a fantastic opportunity for young people to engage in physical activity, improve their skills, and compete against other children. The virtual platform is easy to navigate and is a way of ensuring our young people keep both their body and mind healthy through participating in sport and physical activity.”

Also featured by Lucy Roberts on Derbyshire Times

Derby County Community Trust SSP take on the Challenges feature

Why Derby County Community Trust School Sport Partnership started using Playwaze Challenges and how they hope the Platform will help grow their virtual challenge offer.

Jo Wilkinson

Schools Development Manager
Derby County Community Trust

“Playwaze Challenges will enable us to grow our virtual challenge offer, and grow our relationships with parents and families taking part in the challenges”.

What made you decide to take up Playwaze Challenges?

We wanted a professional and user-friendly system to provide us with a suitable platform to continue to provide physical activity events and challenges for our schools to take part in.

How have Playwaze Challenges supported you in delivering wider priorities?

It’s supported us to provide an ‘adapted affiliation offer’ for our schools during Covid but hopefully, longer-term, it will enable us to grow our virtual challenge offer. 

What do you see as the greatest benefit to yourselves, your networks, your schools, and your young people in using Playwaze Challenges?

We hope that as schools begin to get familiar with Playwaze Challenges, we will grow the uptake of our challenges. We also see this as a tool to grow our relationships with parents and families taking part in the challenges. 

What are your organisations long-term ambitions with Playwaze Challenges?

I’d like to think that schools will engage with the virtual challenges and that it will become a longer-term offer, rather than just during the current covid challenges. It has the potential to work really well alongside our face to face events and delivery. 

Playwaze ‘start-up to watch’ in SportsTech 2021

Nicky Affleck, Strategic Growth Consultant, Business Owner, and Sport Tech Hub Mentor, picks Playwaze as her one-to-watch in 2021.

Sports Tech 2021 is a blog series designed to share the insight and expertise from global SportsTech experts. Read on to find out what tech trends the experts feel will impact the physical activity sector the greatest and the startups to have on your radar, including Playwaze.