Product Roadmap Update – Ladder Auto Demote, Kit Colours, New App Update, Bug Fixes

It’s been a busy month here at Playwaze HQ

So you don’t miss out on any of the great new features we’ve released or the nasty bugs we’ve quashed, we’ll be sending you a monthly roundup of what we’ve been doing to make things better and easier for you, our users.

Firstly, have you upgraded your app yet?

Earlier this week we released our newest app update, the biggest investment into the Playwaze app and apps #PoweredByPlaywaze.

Along with improved navigation, we’ve created a personalised feed, just for you. Like what you’re used to seeing across your social channels, this will give you everything you need, right at your fingertips.

Other great things to check out…

Here are a few other highlights in our recent releases.

One less click

You asked, we delivered. We’ve reduced the number of clicks needed to book onto a session so it’s now quicker and easier than ever for participants to book onto your sessions.

Specify kit colours

Never again will you need to carry all your kits with you, with this handy update, you can now specify your kit colours ahead of your fixture. Say goodbye to those last minute shirt changes.

Ladder auto-demote is now live

No longer will you need to manually remove your dawdling players, with auto-demote players will be automatically demoted based on the inactivity rules you set when creating the ladder. If you need to check these, they can be found in your settings menu.

Nasty bug fixes

You may have been experiencing issues when sharing your published sessions to web. This will no longer be the case as we’ve implemented some improvements and cleared up lurking bugs – the pop ups should now be trouble free.