Activities and bookings

A simple but powerful activity and class management platform. Take bookings, communicate with participants, track rewards, report on attendance.

Free Marketing

Add your activities and classes and we will promote them across a range of activity finders for free

Bookings & Payments

Take registrations for your activities and classes, as well as online and in-app payments


Reward your participants and members with points for engaging in your activities. They can convert points into your own prizes. 


We provide a set of standard reports for bookings and attendance, and you can add your own custom reports.

Promote your activities online for free

Add your activities and classes to Playwaze, and by ticking a box we will promote your activities across a range of local, regional and national activity finders

Notifications keep people coming back

Tell us when you want to schedule your notifications, and we’ll keep your participants and members engaged by sending invitations and reminders for your activities automatically.

Track attendance with ease

By ticking a box you can track each person as attended and your reporting is updated. Even add and invite those who aren’t yet online.

Whatever you call them - activities, classes or sessions - you get the same great features

Custom participant profile fields

Capture your own GDPR-compliant custom data about participants as they register and join your activities and classes.

Online and offline payment

Take all your payments online and via the app, or also allow participants to opt to pay offline. Don't worry, we'll track they owe you!

Automated notifications

We'll send automated invitations and reminder notifications for your activities, saving you time keeping people coming back.

Attendance registers

You can always see who is and isn't booked, and if they've said they're not available. Tick a box to track them as attended for your reporting.

Repeating schedules

Tell us what, when, and how often your activities and classes happen, and we'll get them all setup just as you ask.

Waiting Lists

Don't be left with empty spaces. If your activity is oversubscribed, we'll track a waiting list. When a space opens up, we'll let the next person in line know.

Multiple admins and roles

You can have an unlimited number of admins, and you can add the organiser, coach or activator to your activities.

Embed in any website

Don't update the same information in two places. Add you activities and classes, and then embed your activity list widget into your website.

Online and in-app details

Make sure your activity details are easily available. We'll help make sure everyone can easily access the information they need online and via the app.