Easy to find, join, and play your sport and activity

Participants on Playwaze can...

Book, enter, and pay

for your activities, entries, and memberships

Receive your reminders

via notifications on your personalised feed

Enter your results instantly

with live updates to your competition

Follow your live standings

because live results means live draws and tables

Plus mobile device

Connect your activity tracker

to participate in a wide range of challenges

Receive your news and info

in one way and place from all your providers

Earn and redeem points

from your providers for getting active

Message other participants

if your provider's safeguarding settings allow!

All your sport and activity in one place, and in an app

Playwaze is the digital home of your sport, activity, and play. Connect with your providers, book onto activities and classes, check your standings in your competitions, get moving by joining challenges, feel part of the squad by joining your team, and keep up to date with your memberships and subs. 

Stay up to date and in the know via your personalised notifications

Get nudged about your upcoming activities and fixtures, receive news and information from your providers, and make sure you don’t miss deadlines to play matches in your competitions. Your personalised feed helps you never miss a minute of play.

Find new waze to play and move with local and virtual providers

Playwaze connects you with local providers, from local clubs to community groups, who can offer you waze to stay active that suit you. Providers on Playwaze can also host a variety of virtual activities and online challenges that will help you get (and keep) moving!

Your sport in your pocket

Device mobile

Playwaze collaborates with premium partners to make sure its platform meets the needs of sport and activity providers on the ground

Adult and Community Sport | Disability and Inclusion | Further and Higher Education | Children and Young People

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