Custom & White Labelled Solutions

Your own solution on our platform

A simple white labelled app or a full enterprise solution. Get it without building it all from scratch using our tried and tested technology platform.

White Labelled Apps


CRM Integration

Insight Data

Custom Activity Finder

Fully branded White Labelled apps

  • Your own personally branded app on IOS and Android
  • Your own custom app icon, app layout, logo, and style theme
  • None of the costs or overheads of building and supporting your own


  • Integrate Playwaze with your membership system and drive up registrations through the app
  • Integrate with your CRM system, feeding data from the app to your central contact repository
  • Integrate with your social media channels to post results and news straight to your followers
  • Integrate with your website to display activities, entry forms, or competition standings

Insight Data

Know what's happening in your sport. Deliver activity data from the app to your reporting systems.


  • Playwaze is fully OpenActive compliant
  • For publishing open activity data
  • For activity finders using open activity data
  • The easy way to promote your sport