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" From the moment of hearing about the Playwaze product I felt we were onto something good. The phrase it's easier to book a holiday to Mexico than a badminton court particularly resonated with me, as for such a long time the team have felt unable to bring together and promote our extensive offer in a coherent/accessible way. We are very excited to be working with Playwaze and they have become front and centre in our new strategy. The team are highly professional and supportive in helping us to make finding an activity in Westminster as easy as booking a holiday "

Andy Durrant, Westminster City Council 2017

" We are just about to complete our first season using Playwaze. I can say hand on heart it has been an excellent experience. The support from Playwaze has been exceptional, as team captains have struggled with one or two issues, the support team has handheld them. If you are looking for a software solution to running a league then look no further. Ten-star rating for these guys "

Mark Hellier, League Administrator

East Cheshire
Tennis Association

Redhill Squash

" We're a squash club of almost 100 members and started using Playwaze primarily for our 12 box leagues. Having seen how well the software works with the leagues, we've introduced two ladders and will be using it for our club tournament in June. As well as a fantastic product, the support is amazing: any questions that we've had as new users have been answered within 12 hours - including at weekends; any niggles have been fixed within days; suggestions are always considered and often taken on board. Having looked at quite a few options for online club admin systems I've no hesitation in recommending Playwaze above all the rest "

Rob Crayston

"Woking LTCC took the opportunity to move from old school thousands of emails + excel spreadsheets for organising tennis to try Playwaze a few years ago now and have never looked back.

We started off using the "Group Play" feature which has been fantastic for organising our Men's team night, allowing everyone to set their availability, chat about any issues and matches to be easily organised (probably a key factor why over 20 players participate every week these days).

The "Singles ladder" feature has also been great, making the admin minimal and players easily being able to find opponents to play matches against, then simply uploading results through the app.

An extremely useful piece of free software for the Club which saves everyone hours and hours when organising tennis! "

Matt Trevail, Head of Racquets

Woking Lawn Tennis
& Croquet Club

Parkour UK

" As our technology partner, Playwaze has provided an integrated app solution that gives us greater visibility of Parkour organisations and individuals greater control over their professional profiles and will ultimately help drive revenue through increased member registrations "

Eugene Minogue, CEO

" Having successfully run our first winter knock out tournament on Playwaze, we are now going to use this system for our summer leagues; 20 local clubs competing in 10 different leagues. We have been really impressed and very grateful for all the help and support we have received when setting everything up. Any queries that we have had were always answered very promptly and efficiently "

Anne Pitt

Chaucer Tennis Association

Mintridge Events

" Working with Playwaze to develop a safe and exciting environment for Mintridge’s youth mentoring programmes has been and continues to be a great experience. The Playwaze team have offered a high level of service from the very beginning, delivering our bespoke concepts on a number of occasions. A particular highlight is the development of Progress Pathways which will allow school staff and club coaches to measure their individual goals and outcomes in a much more structured way. We are looking forward to a continued, growing partnership "

Alex Paske, CEO

" At my tennis Club in Brazil, we have been using Playwaze for over a year to run our tennis ladder. It is a great tool, we highly recommend it. We have saved countless administrative hours running our ladder with Playwaze; very straight forward for players to input results and for us to manage the ladder. Our players love to see the results of every match in the App and socialize around the ranking. We have seen a substantial uptick in the number of players and games played since joining

Social Tennis
Group in Brazil


" As a secretary for Banbury Tennis League which aims to stimulate interest in our region’s tennis and offer competitive events to clubs in the area I currently have a busy task of organising and scheduling competitions. As the leagues grew over the years the day to day administration has become a very time consuming and difficult task because everything was done manually from building the tables and submitting results via email to maintaining communications with the clubs along with the individual teams and captains. Something clearly had to be done to improve our system so we could continue concentrating on our main task of increasing tennis participation in our region.

We selected Playwaze as a platform which gives us everything we need now and in the foreseeable future so we can concentrate on our top level objectives rather than spending ever increasing time on the day to day running of the leagues.

Apart from the fantastic features which include league and team management, scheduling, easy integration of the fixtures and tables into the clubs’ own websites it offers a completely new level in terms of its ability to communicate with the league participants. We can segment communications on practically any level and in this sense Playwaze is a fully fledged social media platform for our sports teams.

There are many more advanced features and modules which may be useful for us in the future such as collecting online payments, organising one off competitions, venue bookings etc. as well as excellent apps for both iOS and Android platforms which make Playwaze easily accessible, mobile friendly and future-proof.

All of these great features have naturally contributed to our decision. However the main reason we have selected Playwaze was due to the fantastic support we have received from the Playwaze team. Their truly professional approach, their willingness to listen to our suggestions and accommodate our needs for certain features, but above all, their responsiveness, flexibility and commitment. The Playwaze team’s focus on their customers and their needs have really impressed us and I would highly recommend Playwaze as a truly outstanding online and mobile solution for organising any sport "

Art Kharlamov

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