Playwaze for Schools

Connecting parents and young people to activities delivered by clubs, coaches, and providers in their local community

Running a HAF Programme? Playwaze can help

We've built an off-the-shelf digital solution for local authorities and Active Partnerships in 2022.

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Engage your participants, players, and members via an app

Whether you host activities, manage competitions, run challenges, process memberships, or take payments for bookings and entries, you can engage your audience via an app on their phone.

Our all-in-one toolkit is the digital kit you've been looking for

Playwaze is your complete online toolkit and mobile app for managing sport and activity – activities, sessions, classes, and camps, competitions, challenges, memberships, payments, and much more.

Your trusted, safe, and secure digital sports platform

We partner and work with some of the largest sports organisations, ensuring the highest levels of safeguarding and security. Whether you run a publicly-funded program or manage a private members club, you can be sure you and your participants will be secure on Playwaze

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Easier to organise and more engaging to play your sport

Join the UK's leading grassroots sport and activity platform. Your passion for delivering sport and activity with our technical know-how.