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The new Challenges feature makes it easy for you to host fun online and in-app challenges to keep young people, friends, colleagues, participants, and members active!

Online and in-app results with photo or video evidence, or run Challenges integrated with popular smartphones, fitness trackers, and wearables

Get started with Challenges on a laptop or desktop device

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The leading digital platform for managing

and participating in sport and physical

activity, online and via an app

The free activity, competition, membership and payments tool for organisations, coaches, clubs and groups.


"Apart from the fantastic features which include league and team management, and scheduling, it offers a completely new level in terms of its ability to communicate with participants."

Art Kharlamov, Banbury Tennis League

Connecting those who PROVIDE sport with those who want to PLAY

Online Platform

The online platform provides full access to manage your activities, challenges, teams, competitions, memberships, payments, and more. Commonly used by administrators.

Mobile App

The mobile app provides easy on-the-go access to your activities, competitions, memberships, payments, and more. Great for participants, captains, and coaches.

Widgets for your website

For your activities, challenges, competitions, and more. Playwaze provides finders and other websites widgets that means your sport and physical activity opportunities can be searched and joined via your website.

Deliver any activity

Running activities on Playwaze is great for any sports club, activity provider, coach or personal trainer

Whether it’s your Club’s sessions or team training, you’re a personal trainer needing to take bookings for your classes, or it’s a program to get your community more active, you can set up any single event or repeating sessions for people to book through your website or in the app.

Need to get a last minute message to all your attendees? Want to ask for some feedback? Or you might just want to encourage everyone to bring a friend! 

Its easy to get a message to your attendees with an instant app notification. 

Interested in extending the reach of your sessions by putting them on your website? Want to save time by not duplicating session and activity information online? 

We make it nice and simple to share your activities and sessions on your web pages with easy share to web links!

Funding partners want to know what impact their funding is having? Grants available based on your participation reporting? 

We help you get the data you need about both your attendee count, as well as more detailed information about the people you engage. 

Manage any competition

The best and only full set of competitions features – tournaments, leagues, ladders, and leaderboards!

Whether it’s free to enter or you need a payment, it is easy to setup your competitions with an entry. You can take individual, doubles and team entries (depending on your sport…does anyone play doubles football?), and once they close at the deadline you’re ready to build your competitions. 

Our competitions come ready to run singles, doubles and team formats, with online and in-app result entry to reduce your admin. 

Tournaments come with seedings, walkovers and byes as standard, with online and in-app bracket draws and real-time results – so much better than a noticeboard!

Leagues can be setup with an unlimited number of round robin groups or divisions, and have very flexible scoring rules – we challenge you to find a league you can’t run!

Great for getting people playing more, our ladders have challenge spans and wildcard challenges so players can challenge up and work their way to the top. 

People love to see how they are getting on, and it’s great to showcase the competitions that you run. We provide easy-to-use widgets to publish your tournament draws and league tables on your website for all to see. 

Let us introduce Competition Plus! There’s so much to competitions in Playwaze, we needed to split it out into standard features and our totally optional upgrade. The Competition Plus upgrade includes:

– Even more complex entry formats and automated eligibility checks

– Options to verify squads against rule frameworks

– Lots of advanced competition and fixture permission settings

– Ability to track player movement between teams

– The luxury of auto-generating fixture schedules and tournament draws

 Auto-population of team calendars (no manually adding fixtures)

– Flexibility to add knockout stages, play-offs, heats and qualifying rounds

– Online and in-app team sheets and player stats 

– Event arrival registration

– Overall rankings and points tables

Process any payment

Playwaze can be your booking, membership or entries system – or two of those, and even all three! 

Time to take your memberships online, and make it easy for your members to pay for and manage their subscriptions on their phones. Whether it’s individual or club affiliations, monthly or annually, pro-rata or fixed price, our membership system is all you need to go paperless!

Do you run leagues or tournaments that you charge entries for? Whether its individual or team competitions, you can charge for entries with maximums and entry deadlines. Entrants can enter online and via the app.

Need the ability to charge per session? Do you also need to manage the capacity and eligibility of your classes? Want to use tiered pricing to allow alternative costs for your different membership groups? There’s lots of flexibility in our session management to make it work best for you!

Just need an easy way to request money off others? Playwaze enables you to do just that, so if you need to charge for a coaching session or an equipment repair, you can and it goes straight into your account.

Ready made solutions for sports and community organisations

It should be easy to search and book sport and community activities, so we have a free finder that helps you make it so.
We already cater for over 80 sports and have a range of features ready to meet the needs of your sports organisation or group.
Need to know more about your participants? Generate a digital footprint of everyone you engage, with custom fields and reporting.
Our clients and users are everything to us. That's why we have support and success teams ready to help.

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